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arbol del sur
Àrbol del Sur School + Nature Reserve

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By becoming a member of Árbol del Sur NGO, you will be collaborating with the birth of our school and the performance of concrete actions that help the youth’s social and cultural development in several ways:  

  • We foster circular economy models that promote taking care of the environment through the teaching of good habits.

  • We build a crafts classroom to integrate new technologies with indigenous techniques as an essential tool for community strengthening.

  • We boost learning activities concerning vegetable garden management and native tree production in our greenhouse.

  • We set up educational camps to enjoy an experience in Nature where meaningful learning concerning autonomy, confidence and self-esteem takes place. Also, we teach how to enjoy free time in connection with others without relying so much on technology.


Making a one-time-only or a monthly contribution, you can receive our newsletter and special discounts on workshops and retreats.

By collaborating with actions that we carry out in the Nature Reserve Quebrada del Palmar as a Guardian of Nature, you help to take care of the natural area where our project takes place and offer the following:

  • Guided school tours in nature.

  • Environmental education based on our flora and fauna endangered species conservation.

  • Research carried out by university groups.

  • Social media communication concerning our work in the area and the importance of taking care of natural areas.

  • Proper implementation of the Nature Reserve as an inspiration for the creation of future protected reserves.

Making a one-time-only or a monthly contribution, you can receive our newsletter and special discounts on workshops and retreats.



The alliances with the following organizations support and add immense value to our work towards education and Nature conservation. To obtain more info about them, just click on their logo.

logo pitsa san luis.png

If you are interested in becoming a partner organization, obtaining information about the projects that we can carry out together or simply supporting us through social media communication, you can send us an email at and we will answer you as soon as possible.


We receive donations that support the building of our school and the engagement in farming activities that help to preserve nature:

Types of donations we accept:

  • Farm tools

  • Computer equipment

  • Office furniture

  • Collections of natural sciences objects

  • Bookcases

  • Amounts of money for fostering our organization’s projects and activities

We appreciate your support!

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