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calendario lunar solar, arbol del sur.jpg
Calendario Lunar Solar
Calendario Lunar Solar
Calendario Lunar Solar
Calendario Lunar Solar
Lunisolar Calendar

Time and Space Matrix

Árbol del Sur’s Lunisolar Calendar is based on the understanding of the Chakana, a Quechuan word referring to a stair step that facilitates going up or down. It also refers to a “crossing towards” which can be interpreted as “a crossing or bridge towards the sky, the upper world”.

The Chakana symbolizes a profound vision of the functioning of natural laws regarding astronomy which is linked to the seasons of the year, and it organizes time and space harmonizing complementary opposites. Because of this, the Chakana is the key element of the territorial, social, economic and political system of organization of Andean communities. Also known as Ñimin or Cruz Pampa by the Mapuches, this spiritual symbol gathers wisdom regarding natural life.


In our online and in-person workshop “Comprendiendo la Chakana”, we develop this information in more detail to incorporate these concepts systematically through the study material.

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Based on this concept of Latin American ancient wisdom, we designed a Lunisolar Calendar, a Time and Space Matrix for South America, containing and sharing it.

We apply this way of thinking to the development of a learning process that confirms the fact that we belong to the land we inhabit and allows us to reorganize our activities according to the cycles of Nature.

for South America

The Lunisolar Calendar will help you:

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“To understand the rhythm of the wise Mother Nature means to align with a natural, cyclical and dynamic frequency that allows us to follow the path chosen by the different ancient cultures of our planet.”

Since 2019, our Calendar has arrived to + 700 houses as well as schools and private and public institutions. It has also reached bordering countries such as Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile.


And it participates in the scientific, cultural and educational exhibition of the Andean Condor Conservation Program (PCCA) that travels across Argentina where it can be enjoyed by hundreds of people interested in this topic.

Check last years’ Calendars!

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