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Àrbol del Sur School + Nature Reserve

Education in Nature

Building ancient wisdom

Thanks to its philosophical orientation based on the learning process of natural cycles, Árbol del Sur’s cultural area adds immense value to other areas such as the educational and environmental ones.

On this point, our school is an outdoor educational space that works together with the Nature Reserve Quebrada del Palmar to create a huge natural classroom where experiential learning processes take place. It aims to provide the community’s youth with tools and systemic learning for their comprehensive development.


Our school offers a wide variety of experiences to come in contact with Nature, such as native plants’ recognition to use as herbal medicine, collection of firewood to make handicrafts and careful observation of bees’ labor, among others.

arbol del sur.JPG
These activities are intended to develop values towards a collaborative working culture to strengthen the community

Knowledge-sharing + Recovery of Ancient Crafts + Actions to Live in Harmony with Nature


The Birth of Our School

Each year, we choose a motto to join us in new actions or projects. For this June 2023 - June 2024 cycle, we decided to boost the building of the physical spaces that the school needs to develop its activities.


We start by the Árbol del Sur’s Arts and Crafts Workroom










It is a bioconstruction project that will result in a communitarian space where
knowledge-sharing and forgotten handmade artisan techniques meet each other.

boceto nuevo.png
talleres Arbol del Sur

This new classroom will substantially boost our project because it will allow the development of each area that is taught in the school. Also, it will function as a storage place for the materials and tools used during group activities.

Labores de la escuela.jpg

In times of major social transformations, building roads that ensure future generations’ maturity that allow them to value and protect natural resources for life continuity is a noble but urgent task that deserves to be joined and supported by more individuals engaged with the cause

If you want to be part of this process and add your knowledge, tools or technical experience in bioconstruction and renewable energies, or if you want to record the process in a video to share in the future.


You can support us from home by becoming involved in this collective building process: you can keep up with our news during the project and you can obtain a discount to participate in our workshops and retreats.


Your enterprise can also be part of the birth of our school and can actively participate in the achievement of our goals. Send us an email to learn more about our project.


oficios antiguos Arbol del Sur

Let´s build the school

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