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Árbol del Sur School + Nature Reserve

About us

Árbol del Sur came as an inspiration in 2012; it was just a vision to develop over time, it was almost a utopian vision but it was not an impossible one.

As an answer to modernity amid a global socio-environmental crisis and human values about to disappear, a group of individuals that come from different walks of life decided to sow the seed of Árbol del Sur to create a new emergent scenario for future generations. This group of people only had their will and heart as resources and was united by a huge vocation for education based on Nature’s wisdom.


lakota arbol del sur


"A man who has a vision is not able to use

the power of it until after he has performed

the vision on Earth for the people to see.”


Black Elk, 1860-1930, 

Lakota spiritual leader

We are located in the central mountain ranges of the province of San Luis, Argentina. We work in teams engaged in taking care of the land by means of activities developed in the countryside; we also live harmoniously and respectfully in the Nature that surrounds us.

Arbol del Sur, reserva natural

We take care of water and the mountain valley

Arqueria Arbol del Sur
Our vision
Our mission
Our goals

We aim to promote human potential development through social learning processes by building a connection between ancient and modern knowledge based on Nature’s wisdom.

We aim to provide new meaning and value to indigenous and ancient wisdom by preserving values oriented towards a systemic approach concerning the human/nature unit to raise increased socio-environmental awareness.

We aim to build a School of Ancient Wisdom to raise a generation of young Guardians of Nature who can develop sustainable projects through the recovery of forgotten handmade artisan techniques to generate a sustainable circular economy to strengthen their local economy.


Our actions

Educacion arbol del sur .jpg


A meeting place where young Guardians of Nature are trained

Mural Yaguarete Arbol del Sur-53.jpg



Actions on the strengthening of our community that generate value in society




Environmental education for Nature conservation

A huge thank you to all of you for supporting our mission
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Our philosophy

To sync our lives with the natural cycle again

Lunisolar Calendar

Árbol del Sur’s Lunisolar Calendar is the result of research on ancient mother cultures of our planet. In ancient indigenous cultures of South America’s wisdom was essential to find balance and harmony in order to develop activities in accordance with the laws of nature.  

This calendar works as a teaching method and a tool that allows us to share ancient knowledge: it summarizes and reflects profound wisdom that can be applied to our daily lives in order to create a relationship with the earth and the universe.

lunaciones png.png
Reserva natural Quebrada del Palmar

Join us and support our mission

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